How to Choose a Website Monitoring Tool


How to Choose a Website Monitoring Tool
When you have a website, it is important to monitor and analyze its performance over time. If you have an online store, you do not want to lose potential sales because your website has a lot of downtimes. This is why you need a website monitoring tool.
What Causes Website Downtimes?
There are various reasons why your website may be inaccessible at any time. Some of the common reasons include:
o The website has been hacked by third parties and completely brought down
o Your web hosting resources have been exhausted
o There may be server misconfigurations or problems preventing access to your site
Whatever the cause of the downtime, it’s important to know about them and take the necessary measures to rectify them. A website monitoring tool can help you know when your website is not accessible and how frequently it has been down.
There are different website monitoring tools in the market. You should research well to determine the best tool to use for monitoring your website. Here are some things to consider when choosing a monitoring tool. Read more great facts on website load testing, click here.
i) Features of the tool
Check the features of the web monitoring tool. Look for a tool that has the features you need. For example, you may want a tool that will alert you of downtimes through SMS or email. You may also want other features such as real time monitoring, historical data monitoring analysis and so on.

ii) Cost of the tool
Cost is another important thing to consider when looking for a website monitoring tool. You should have a budget in mind before starting to shop for a tool. For most tools, you will have to pay a monthly fees. Apart from this, you can upgrade or downgrade your purchase depending on the features you would like. The more expensive packages come with extra features and options not found in the basic packages.
While there are free monitoring tools in the market, they usually have some limitations. For example, there may be a limit on the number of websites the tools can monitor.
iii) Reviews of the tool
Finally, you should go through the reviews of the tool to know how it works. With some tools, you may get a few days to try them. The trial period usually allows you access to a few features of the tools.
The above are three things to consider when choosing a website monitoring tool. Please view this site  for further details.


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