Using DevOps Tools to Monitor your Website.




A website is very vital to the success of any business in this modern age. It is where the business gets to interact with its clients. It acts as a gate way into the business. It therefore goes without saying that you need to ensure that as a business your website is functioning well at all times. This is even more important considering that how you website looks and performs is how your current and potential clients will always view you to be. Therefore it is important to keep an eye on the website at all times to ensure that it is running smoothly. Learn more about synthetic monitoring,  go here.

It is however not possible to physically check the website every now and then to see how it is performing. Developers are aware of this fact and have come up with tools to enable real time monitoring of websites. These tools regularly check the website at predetermined time intervals to check and report any malfunction if there are any.

One of the ways in which the tools become useful is through uptime monitoring. This checks the website to ensure that there is no time that the website is unavailable to the users. Unavailability of the website can give the website a very bad reputation. No one will want to visit your website if they know that it is unreliable. This is even more serious of you specialize on online business. Website monitoring in this case ensures that the owner gets notified whenever their website is down and are able to act on it before the customers become aware of this fact.

Another method for used for monitoring your website is through load testing. This is where you once in a while test your website to see how much requests it is able to handle at any given point. It is done by loading the website with a huge amount of requests and seeing if it will hold up without crushing or slowing down. This will let you know how the website is likely to behave when users flood in with requests.

These tools have many uses and can be used even to achieve search engine optimization. This is so because when you ensure that the website is performing well with no glitches at all then its ranking in search engine results will always remain high. So I would advise that website owners should make good use of these tools and earn the tremendous benefits that come with their use. Take a look at this link  for more information.


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